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The essence, nostalgia and traditions of the 1950s golden age of Old Havana ― and the distinctive taste of Old Havana-style coffee ― are being revived, thanks to Grand Havana, Inc. (OTCMARKETS: GHAV). Our Miami based-coffee brand holds itself to the highest standards. What launched as a local business, serving optimum blend Cafecitos to the foodservice and hospitality industries, has grown to become the preeminent Cuban-style coffee company of southern Florida and beyond.

Having recently become a public company, Grand Havana has also launched a new website, branding and packaging that mirrors its dedication to a new generation of consumers who desire a quality brand of coffee with an old-world feel.

How is Grand Havana different from other coffees? It adheres to traditional coffee roasting methods ― there is no mass production. First, Grand Havana’s world-class roasters carefully select the best Arabica and Robusto beans from around the globe. Then, throughout the roasting process, they take extra steps to roast various origins of beans to various levels and extract their flavor, aroma and acidity. In the end, they combine them into a blend of full-bodied coffee with a smooth finish. The blend of beans boasts a unique flavor profile and combination of natural characteristics. 

One of the best parts of Grand Havana coffee is its natural crema, a delicious layer of foam on top found only in the highest quality coffees. Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or budding coffee enthusiast, everyone who drinks Grand Havana coffees will taste authentic Cuba in each and every cup.

Grand Havana’s products currently include:

  • Americano: a medium-dark roast with a lighter taste created for consumers who like a lighter, taller cup of coffee ($13.95 per 12-oz. bag; $10.99 per K-Cups 10-pack)
  • Cuban-Style Espresso: a true Cuban-style cup with very strong, intense and bold flavors ($14.95 per 12-oz. bag; $10.99 per K-Cups 10-pack)

In addition to supplying hundreds of major hotels, restaurants, cafes and local businesses, Grand Havana makes its coffees are available to consumers on Amazon. All of Grand Havana’s products are also available in single serve biodegradable K-Cups.

For more information call 1.800.608.5441, or email Find us on social media at,, or

About Grand Havana

Grand Havana Coffee (OTC: GHAV) was founded with inspiration of the allure, essence and nostalgia of Old Havana, Cuba. Growing up in Miami with the Cuban culture and a love of the perfect cup of Cuban espresso, founders Robert Rico, Tanya Bredemeier and Luis Bustelo ― a part of the Cuban espresso market in South Florida ― started the company as a local business serving the foodservice and hospitality industries. Today, the company’s optimum blends ― the Americano and Espresso ― are also sold via retail through Amazon. Grand Havana’s headquarters are located at 761 NW 23rd Street, Miami, FL 33127. For more information, visit, call 1.800.608.5441, or email Find out more about the company at,, or

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