Meet the Team at Grand Havana!

You have found us online and have hopefully already fallen in love with our authentically-roasted, premium coffee. But who is Grand Havana? Successfully bringing our products to the market is the direct result of a passionate, dedicated team. This team, consisting of seasoned locals, includes CEO and Director Robert Rico, a previous beverage industry CEO with expertise in capital funding, growth strategies and investor relations. Also on our team is President/Director Tanya Bredemeier, who oversees vendor relations and company operations, and brings her retail and hospitality experience to the company. And with a lifetime of roasting experience, Luis Bustelo, a major pioneer of the Cuban espresso market in the U.S. for the last 50 years, is the brand’s senior roasting supervisor.

A Miami-based public company (OTCMARKETS: GHAV), Grand Havana brings the 1950s golden age of Old Havana and the unique taste of Old Havana-style coffee to a new generation of consumers, who desire a quality brand of coffee with an old-world feel. Having launched as a local business ― serving optimum blend Cafecitos to the foodservice and hospitality industries ― Grand Havana is now the preeminent Cuban-style coffee company of South Florida and beyond.

A Cuban-American with over 10 years of experience leading beverage companies, Robert Rico most recently was the CEO of a specialized beverage company headquartered in Atlanta. For seven years prior to that time, he was managing director of RR Investments Group, where he advised companies in corporate finance and M&A transactions. To Grand Havana’s recent launch, Rico says, “More than ever, Americans have embraced coffee as a routine part of their lives, so it made sense for us to re-introduce people to what a good cup of coffee can do to kick-start the day. The brand’s refreshed look and feel is meant to complement our evolving portfolio — appealing to a broader group of coffee drinkers.”

Tanya Bredemeier, a Miami native, brings over 15 years of retail and hospitality experience to Grand Havana. Most recently, she built, owned and operated her own family luxury retail jewelry business, H&H jewelers, in Coconut Grove, Miami. She manages the day-to-day operations of Grand Havana, and oversees the company’s relationship with SYSCO and other local and national vendors.

“We are very excited to deliver this authentic coffee experience to Miami and beyond, whether it’s enjoyed at your favorite café or in the comfort of your own home,” she says. “With our special blends, we have created a taste of luxury and perfection that appeals to a growing segment of coffee drinkers.”

The former president of Café Bustelo, Luis Bustelo is a Cuban immigrant who served as president of the company that bears his family’s name for over two decades. Café Bustelo was bought by transnational corporations and became the U.S.-Latino coffee market leader for years. During this time, he became an expert in the corporate-style American coffee business. “There’s an art form to brewing the perfect cup of coffee,” he says. “Grand Havana’s customers will find that quality in every cup of our coffee. Each time it’s brewed, it’s perfection!”

We couldn’t agree more!

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About Grand Havana

Grand Havana Coffee (OTC: GHAV) was founded with inspiration of the allure, essence and nostalgia of Old Havana, Cuba. Growing up in Miami with the Cuban culture and a love of the perfect cup of Cuban espresso, founders Robert Rico, Tanya Bredemeier and Luis Bustelo ― a part of the Cuban espresso market in South Florida ― started the company as a local business serving the foodservice and hospitality industries. Today, the company’s optimum blends ― the Americano and Espresso ― are also sold via retail through Amazon. Grand Havana’s headquarters are located at 761 NW 23rd Street, Miami, FL 33127. For more information, visit, call 1.800.608.5441, or email Find out more about the company at,, or

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