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Our iconic and superior coffee brand was born in Miami and inspired by the essence, nostalgia, and traditions of the 1950’s golden age of Old Havana. What started as a local business, serving millions of our optimum blend Cofecito’s to the foodservice and hospitality industry, has grown into an iconic coffee company that sets itself apart as the elite Cuban style coffee company of Southern Florida. Hundreds of restaurants, hotels, cafes and local businesses all over the state choose Grand Havana as their coffee of choice because of the highest quality and excellent service. Receiving nothing but excellent references, we decided to introduce our products to the retail market, making it possible for all consumers to explore and enjoy our superior coffee.

There’s an artform to brewing the perfect cup of coffee. It starts with the best beans, roasted to perfection. It has to have that natural crema – that beautiful foam on top that is only found in the highest quality of coffees. The taste should be strong, intense and bold … sheer perfection. That’s the definition of Grand Havana Cuban-style coffee roast – a new brand of coffee with an old-world feel that holds itself to a higher standard than most other coffee roasters.


Our optimum blend has been perfected over years of hard work and attention to detail. The company takes pride in putting quality over quantity by adhering to traditional coffee roasting and avoiding mass-production that can often limit quality. Grand Havana’s team of world-class roasters – led by Senior Roaster Supervisor Luis Bustelo, one of the major pioneers of the Cuban espresso market in the U.S. for the last 50 years – carefully selects the best Arabica and Robusto beans from around the globe and combines them into the best in class Grand Havana optimum blend. Throughout the process, extra steps are taken to roast several different origins of beans to different roasting levels and combine them into a blend that creates a one-of-a-kind profile that results in a full-bodied coffee with a smooth finish. This blend of beans creates a unique flavor profile and combination of natural characteristics not found in any other type of coffee worldwide! Grand Havana Coffee isn’t just a vessel for morning caffeine. It’s an experience. Our blend is a statement of quality over quantity, satisfaction over functionality, and tradition over trendiness! Our Coffee is, quite simply, the best Cuban-style coffee roast on the market.