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Grand Havana Coffee is committed to giving back to the world. We are proud to help fuel the fight against cancer by joining forces with, a non-profit organization that supports women undergoing treatments for cancer through EBeauty community and their wig exchange program! 

With Every Purchase of a Grand Havana Pink Beauty Organic Coffee Bag we will donate $2 of the proceeds back to

One cup at a time, we join the fight for our Mothers, Daughters, Sisters & Friends!

EBeauty is a non-profit organization that supports women undergoing treatment for cancer through the EBeauty Community, Wig Exchange Program and other charitable initiatives.

EBeauty’s mission is to enhance and strengthen the education, charitable and community support network for women undergoing cancer treatments. This organization works to improve the quality of life of women undergoing chemotherapy treatments through the implementation of its Wig Exchange Program and through awareness building events. EBeauty’s primary goal is to provide all women, regardless of economic status, access to wigs in order to restore their self-image and confidence during cancer treatments.

Life has many challenges, whether emotional, financial or spiritual. As a two-time survivor of breast cancer, Carolyn Callahan Keller, the founder of EBeauty Inc., knows this first hand. Following her own experience with cancer, Carolyn and her husband, Mark, started a non-profit organization in 2010 to support other women undergoing treatment for cancer and donated a domain name they owned from a prior venture,, to the cause. The EBeauty website offers a number of cancer support programs and volunteer opportunities leveraging resources at the community-level.

In the year following EBeauty’s formation, two of Carolyn’s sisters-in-law were diagnosed with cancer. Carolyn provided a wig to one of her sisters-in-law who then offered it to the other upon completion of her treatment. Carolyn immediately recognized that the progression of wigs from one woman to the next both fulfilled a critical need for the patient undergoing treatment; and empowered the survivor by allowing her to give back as she progressed to the next stage in her recovery. Carolyn decided to focus EBeauty’s efforts first and foremost on bringing this type of exchange to scale.

The Wig Exchange Program has been the cornerstone of EBeauty programming for five years and the core model continues today. By the end of 2016, EBeauty will have distributed 15,000 wigs to women in need throughout the country.

“There are so many problems that seem insurmountable in this world, but providing a wig to support a woman undergoing treatment for cancer is one problem we can solve.” Carolyn CallahanKeller

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